Domain names are an essential element to creating a strong online brand identity to the world.

We Sell Domain Names

Our site is led by founder Jag Singh, A independent domain name investor and buyer’s broker. 

Having spent over 12 years in the domain name industry, Jag has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to help global companies acquire premium domain names to improve their communications and brand development. 

Some Domain Names Jag has sold or Co-Brokered >> Agility(.)com Monitors(.)com, Worm(.)com, Donut(.)com, Logo(.)app, Holiday(.), Britain(.) + many more

Buying Domains

All details kept strictly confidential and the sale will NOT be published from us. Buyer’s discretion if they want to a PR.

Selling Domains​

We own most of the names listed with us, we may list a few clients names which will be disclosed on listing.

Payment & Transfer Process​

We accept Bitcoin ( ) and a Escrow ( ). Securing Your Domain Has Never Been Easier.

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